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Aura Spray

  • Aura Spray

What is an Aura?
Aura is your energy field around you.

Why is it important?
Energy is important because everything we do is connected to Energy

How do I use the Aura Spray?
One can spray from right to left during an exhale to release any unwanted energy, while being intentional about what you're releasing.

Why is this important?
As we move through the day, we often pick up energy that does not belong to us.We then find ourselves either upset or unhappy and sometimes unable to figure out why or the root cause of our sudden mood change.Whether it's a fruitless conversation or a difficult TSA worker. By the end of the day, people find themselves disturbed or agitated and often clueless about why or able to remember all that had transpired in that day.It's nice to be intentional about removing any unwanted energy from your Aura.

What's in it?
Coconut oil, Mango oil,Rose water, Florida water, Violet water, Alcohol,Spring water and Chakra Stones.

What is the shelf life?
3 -4 months

Where do I store it?
In a cool place,avoid storing it in direct sunlight.

How often can I use it?
After each unwanted encounter.

Can I spray it on my skin?
No it's not skin care, nor should it be used for fascial care,it's for the energy around you.